Connecting business

I recently visited . A platform that connect business mainly of the web domain to users.

As their profile informs us Top Web is an organization dedicated to connecting buyers with website designers. We offer one of the fastest growing directories of web design firms.

  • Buyers can post a description of their project and get multiple proposals from website designers that meet their criteria.
  • Qualified¬†web designers can post a company profile, collect client feedback and market their services to thousands of buyers each month through the directories on Top Web and our partners.

Proposal service

Companies and entrepreneurs interested in hiring a services firm can post a project description or request for proposal (RFP) and get multiple quotes. The process works as follows:

  1. Buyer provides basic information on the project requirements
    1. Describe overall project
    2. Upload any relevant request for proposal (RFP) documents such as scope of work, specifications, and/or contractual requirements
    3. Document any preferences on providers that should respond e.g. location, size, skills, etc.
  2. Top Web develops a shortlist of providers
    1. Review project requirements
    2. Call buyer to validate key requirements and preferences
    3. Review database of providers and check free capacity
    4. Match 3-5 providers to the project and share the project information
  3. Selected providers develop proposals
  4. Buyer reviews proposals and selects the one that best meets their needs. Buyer is under no obligation and may request other providers to submit proposals.
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