Complexity Kills 

Don Ferguson, the “father” of IBM WebSphere was recently interviewed by the BBC:

What’s the biggest technology mistake you ever made – either at work or in your own life?
When I was at IBM, I started a product called Websphere [which helps companies to operate and integrate business applications across multiple computing platforms]. Because I had come from working on big mission-critical systems, I thought it needs to be scalable, reliable, have a single point of control

I tried to build something like a mainframe, a system that was capable of doing anything, that would be able to do what might be needed in five years. I call it the endgame fallacy. It was too complex for people to master. I overdesigned it. Because we were IBM, we survived it, but if we’d been a start-up, we’d have gone to the wall.

Too complex and overdesigned. Check. We at Tetrabytes, give great weight to how complex and user friendly our projects are. Of course and we design user customized products but our goal is to maintain simplicity and usability. In our opinion it’s really bad for a client to reject an implementation because he/she found it difficult to use and get trained to it.