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    jz 4:58 pm on January 3, 2012 Permalink  

    Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) 

    As most of you might have read or heard, SOPA is the way some companies want to deal with online piracy. SOPA was created without taking into account big internet/web companies although it is going to change the way the web is “governed” today. Tetrabytes officially, is against SOPA  since it is a threat to online freedom of speech by creating blacklists and will have a negative impact on web hosting services. Furthermore, it will lead to weakening of “safe harbor” protections for websites and is a general threat to web-related businesses.

    In addition to the above, SOPA is a threat to users uploading content and to open source software. Finally, there is a lack of transparency in enforcement and as it is commonly admitted, much of what will happen under SOPA will occur out of the public eye and without the possibility of holding anyone accountable, for when copyright law is made and enforced privately, it is hard for the public to know the shape that the law takes and harder still to complain about its operation.

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    jz 4:07 pm on July 27, 2011 Permalink  

    Symfony2 launch party in Patras!! 

    Symfony, that is one of the most promising open-source php frameworks, is going to release the stable 2.0 version at Thursday 28 July. Launch parties for the product are organized all over the world.

    Tetrabytes organizes a launch party on Thursday at 7:00PM. The party will take place at Catamaran in Patras.

    Join us!!

  • jz

    jz 12:41 pm on February 13, 2011 Permalink  

    Android apps on blackberry devices!! 

    RIM is allegedly prepping the QNX-based operating system running their forthcoming PlayBook tablet to run Android applications, according to a Bloomberg article. As RIM has stated that the QNX platform will run at least some of its upcoming smartphones as well, this could cinch Android’s status as the lingua franca of smartphone application environments, especially with BlackBerry’s current market leadership and Android’s explosive marketshare growth.

    Source: Slashdot.com

  • jz

    jz 11:50 am on January 20, 2011 Permalink  

    Open-source music… 

    Music industry is broken and the current model doesn’t seem to work anymore thats why different initiatives come to take the music business to the next level. One of these initiative is Severed Fifth Open band….below you can check their system and here you can read an interesting article.

    Open Band Three Tier system

    Severed Fifth is a music project with three core principles, which I have labeled as the Open Band Three Tier system:

    1. We give the music away freely: Like open source, this encourages redistribution and awareness, and empowers fans to harness the content, share it with friends, and ultimately bring more listeners to the band (in the same way open source has exploded in popularity due to the free availability of content for users to test and assess if it works for them).
    2. We build community: I have taken my experience in community management to build a community around Severed Fifth. This helps fans feel part of a project they can contribute to. We have done this in the form of the Severed Fifth Street Team.
  • We socialize Severed Fifth Fair Pay: We encourage people to pay what is fair and reasonable to them to help support the band. This is powered by PayPal and anyone with a piece of plastic in their wallet can contribute. Thanks to the free availability of content and the community feel, people gain a closer connection to the band. In turn, they are more likely to contribute. We have already seen many financial contributions from fans.
  • jz

    jz 11:21 am on January 20, 2011 Permalink  

    Connecting business 

    I recently visited http://www.topwebdesigners.org . A platform that connect business mainly of the web domain to users.

    As their profile informs us Top Web Designers.org is an organization dedicated to connecting buyers with website designers. We offer one of the fastest growing directories of web design firms.

    • Buyers can post a description of their project and get multiple proposals from website designers that meet their criteria.
    • Qualified web designers can post a company profile, collect client feedback and market their services to thousands of buyers each month through the directories on Top Web Designers.org and our partners. (More …)
  • jz

    jz 5:31 pm on December 7, 2010 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment
    Tags: , kinect, xbox   

    This is how a computer is watching us? 

    A little imagination, some software and an innovative product are enough to impress us …

  • jz

    jz 10:50 am on November 30, 2010 Permalink | Log in to leave a Comment  

    Open source robotics will rock your world 

    The next version of the RoboCup-famous DARwIn bot is about ready to give the Nao a run for its money. The new DARwIn-OP from Robotis and Virginia Tech’s RoMeLa is just about to land, and the first pictures of the finished thing have started to circulate. While the bot is designed to perform, with sensors and servos suitable for higher-end robotics, the main thrust of the design is the open source and modular nature of the hardware and software. The bot can be purchased as a product from Robotis, but the CAD files are publicly available, and its plastic parts can be fabricated by the end user to save money. Rumor has it the robot will retail for around $8,000, around half the cost of its closed source Nao competition. The full unveil of the robot is due at the IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots a couple weeks from now.

    Source: Engadget

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