Project 10to100 

A few days ago, Google announced the results of its innovation contest called Project 10to100. The contest was open to the public and anyone could submit his or her idea. The number of participants reached the amazing number of 150.000, which shows the trend of the times for new and innovative ideas while searching for a channel to promote them. After reviewing the proposals, Google narrowed them down to the number of 16 which gave them to the public for voting.

The results can be found at the official blog of the project. The 5 winners shared a significant amount of 10 million U.S. dollars! The general public’s preference was to choose ideas that had to do with the grand total and ways of improving the quality of life, from the field of public transport to sharing knowledge and information (educational, scientific etc.).

Very good effort and I hope this investment to catch site and show results. Such ideas are very welcome and as a company, we also we want to innovate through our work because this is ultimately what makes it special and takes us forward.